Tomboy Chic

You won’t find any faded denim here.
Our Tomboy Chic is posh yet unfussy, feminine yet masculine, grungy yet clean, effortlessly classic yet totally rock and roll. Think Katherine Hepburn in a pair of trousers.

Glam Rock

Do you believe more is more? Look no further.
Our Glam Rock style juxtaposes our two favorite worlds - minimal/masculine and maximal/femme - creating the perfect balance between too much and not quite enough.

Bold Bohemian

Do you dream of a colorful, cozy, Moroccan-inspired abode filled with layers upon layers of plants, pillows, and prints? Bold Bohemian might just be your style.
Allow us to craft the perfect laid-back Boho home for you using rich textiles, bold hues, and carefully curated accessories.

American Modern

Think honed marble and brass, think walnut and leather, think mid-century modern, now think Luxury; that is what you will get with American Modern.
If you choose this style your friends may even begin allowing you to use words like “uber-chic” (although we would still rather you didn’t).

Collected Eclectic

World Traveler? Collector of Curiosities? Lover of Chili’s decor?
We will find you the perfect antique kilim pillows to complement that pair of 1920s French club chairs. No one will know you didn’t spend weeks scouring the Paris flea markets when we’re done with your apartment. And don’t worry, we were kidding about the Chili’s decor - we only like their chicken crispers.

Design Your Own

Not sure what your style is? You don't have to choose now. We will help you design your own totally unique look.